30. it’s a big year.

or so many folks insist. it’s the age at which King David assumed the throne. it’s the age from which the Levites entered their service. it’s the pearl anniversary. some people in my life insisted I wouldn’t make it this far. some people in my life insisted that I would achieve unfathomable greatness by this point.

it isn’t the case that I have nothing, nor is it the case that I am not here. being here, it feels right to share what I have.

30 GIFTS is a project, thirty.gifts being the digital address where it is to be displayed. over as much of the next year as I am given, I will endeavor to produce and share thirty gifts with you, representative of my essence, representative of what I have received in this life, representative of what I have done with it.

it is my hope that at least one of these gifts touches you in a profound way, at least one of these gifts moves you into a greater acceptance of your own gifts: those you have received, and those you have given, and those you are giving, and those you will give.

the hebrew word for “gift,” “matan,” evokes memory of the greatest gift ever given, Torah. with this in mind, I dedicate these gifts with special pointedness to those who have taught me Torah, whether quietly or in the public eye, whether from a position of religious knowledge or through their secular examples of moral living; each of these gifts comes from something you have given me. if you are proud of something I do, I am the one who should blush.